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Why Hide Your Security Cameras?

Hd smart wifi camera Security cameras are powerful deterrents for criminals. They work to safeguard your family and home from vandals and burglars, giving you much needed peace of mind. However, there are situations where you may not want your security cameras to be visible, with stealth being the preferred option.

Hiding a security camera reduces the chances of an intruder removing or damaging it, helping to ensure footage is captured and ready to use if needed.

Hidden cameras are a great way of monitoring the behavior of people you allow onto your property, from contractors and delivery people to pet sitters and babysitters. If you suspect someone may be betraying your trust, then a concealed camera allows discreet investigation into their actions.

Hd smart wifi camera But to gain all the benefits of a hidden home camera, it needs to be placed where it won’t be easily discovered.

Hiding a Camera Outdoors

Hd smart wifi camera Installing hidden cameras outside your home can provide an early alert before an intruder tries to enter and can supply evidence of package theft or vandalism. A typical yard offers many concealment opportunities, and here are four of the most effective and popular:

1. Use a Birdhouse

 A wooden birdhouse hanging from a tree can do more than provide a home for the local cardinal. Try installing several genuine birdhouses to provide a backdrop for a dummy containing a wireless camera pointing at your backyard, front yard, or front door.

2. Set it in the Foliage

A large bush or shrub can provide effective camouflage for a small security camera. Choose a wireless model with long battery life or a discreet solar panel and disguise the device with a skin that blends into the foliage or the underlying earth.

3. Install a Doorbell Camera

A doorbell camera isn’t hidden, but it is discreet and lets you monitor visitors without the risk of opening the door. What’s more, it can record video of anyone approaching your property while you’re not at home.

4. Position Under Eaves or Roofing

A camera under the eaves of your roof or above a porch is unlikely to be spotted by a casual observer and can point downward to provide full coverage of your yard and the pathway leading to your home. For the most effective concealment, cover the camera in a skin to match the color of your home’s exterior walls.

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Hidden House Camera Ideas for Indoors

Indoor cameras can also be a great way of monitoring your home when you’re away, especially if you have suspicions about visiting contractors, caregivers, or wayward friends of younger family members. Here are five ways to keep indoor cameras easily out of sight.

1. Conceal it in a Houseplant

 In the same way that a camera can be hidden in an outdoor bush or shrub, a houseplant can be a great way of disguising some of your home’s security technology. Choose a plant with plenty of lush leaves, and a small wireless camera can be placed unobtrusively in the center to provide unimpeded coverage without being immediately visible.

2. Place the Camera on a High Shelf

A compact camera can be hidden in plain sight by placing it above the natural field of vision, such as on the top shelf of a high bookcase. When nestled among decorations, books, and other items, a camera can look down on the whole room without being easily discovered.

Keep in mind that people have a reasonable expectation of privacy when indoors, so bedrooms and bathrooms should be considered off limits in most circumstances.

A visible camera system can be an excellent deterrent for many home security problems, but sometimes a hidden one gives an extra layer of protection. Disguise a camera in one or more of these hiding places for added home security and peace of mind.