Amazing Pure Skincare I Thought I Was Using 100 Percent


Pure Skincare

Would you rather use 100% pure skin care products or other products that contain harmful chemicals? Silly question. Of course you want to use the purest of the pure. Who would purposely use chemicals that can harm your health? The problem is, most people don’t know how to tell the difference.

So here are some tips for figuring out which are the good ingredients and which are the bad. This is what to look for when shopping for creams to make you look younger.

(If you see these ingredients listed do not buy the product. It means this is not a 100% pure skin care products)

Mineral Oil – It is petroleum-based, which is not good for you. It will clog your pores. Your pores will then become enlarged. Once that happens you will begin to sag and look older. Cosmetic companies who only care about money use mineral oil because it is so inexpensive.

Parabens – (Propyl, Methyl, Butyl, or Ethyl) – These cheap preservatives are used to keep bacteria from growing in skin creams. They make cosmetics last longer so they can sit on the store shelves without rotting. Parabens are very toxic and should not be used on humans.

Imidazolidinyl and Diazolidinyl Urea – These are the most commonly used preservatives after parabens. They release formaldehyde, which is a toxic chemical, that can give you plenty of health problems.

Propylene Glycol – A synthetic petrochemical that is supposed to make your skin look smoother. In reality it ends up aging you faster. Once it gets absorbed it can cause liver and kidney damage. Cosmetic companies use it because it is very inexpensive. It definitely doesn’t belong in 100% pure skin care products. If you see it listed in the ingredients, drop it and run the other way.

100% PURE SKIN CARE INGREDIENTS (be sure to use these)

Avocado oil – It will rejuvenate skin damaged by the sun. It helps your body make more collagen. It is loaded with important, youth giving vitamins. Combined in a cream with other healthful, anti-aging ingredients like Cynergy TK it will do wonders.

Manuka honey – New Zealand active manuka honey has higher levels of antioxidants than any other type of honey. It will make you look much younger in the most healthful way possible. It contains absolutely no chemicals.

Shea Butter – Here is another fabulous, clean skin care ingredient. It will soften your skin and get rid of blemishes and brown spots. It works its magic to get rid of wrinkles, blemishes, scars and stretch marks.

Babassu Oil – This delicate oil comes from the kernel of the fruit of Babassu palm. It grows in the Amazon region of Brazil and has been used for centuries to soothe the skin. Among other benefits, it helps you retain moisture and keep out dirt and grime. Of course it contains not a single chemical.


Your aim is to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin and to maintain a firm face and neck without creating health problems. You want to eliminate chemicals that companies are sneaking into their cosmetics Skincare.

From now on you will be able to recognize the names of nasty chemicals. Instead you will reach for the good stuff, the 100% pure skin care ingredients.

Cosmetic companies would have you believe that you can apply collagen and elastin in a cream and it will fix your wrinkles and sags. This is just not so. Without going into great scientific detail, these creams will just lie on top of your skin. Certain breakthrough ingredients have to be combined to accomplish all this.
And they don’t contain chemicals.

Finally you will be armed with the knowledge you’ve been missing to combat your loss of collagen and elastin from sun damage and general aging. You will stop looking haggard and tired. Once your body starts producing all the collagen and elastin it needs your life will be so good.

Please visit my website for the rest of the story. My name is Dee Smith. Healthy beautiful skin is my passion. For years I have used my cosmetology license to gain entry to the latest available natural, chemical-free anti-aging skincare products for men and women.