Three strange school rules from all over the world


School rules are needed to establish a healthy and positive environment for all students to grow and learn. However, some rules are difficult to justify and cause a lot of controversy among school managers, teachers, parents and psychologists.
Bakevi listed some of the world’s most unusual and controversial school rules and penalties. Which one do you think is the weirdest?

Frozen peas

A Chinese student released a photo of his knees after being sentenced by a school to kneel on frozen peas. Some argue that this practice is common among teachers and parents throughout Asia.

2.Best friend

Schools in the United Kingdom and beyond are beginning to ban students from having best friends. Some parents, teachers, and psychologists claim that the more groups of friends you have, the more adaptable your child will grow. Also, no one feels left behind.

Critics claim that best friends bring value for life. Studies on child development have shown that people who have best friends throughout their lives have better mental health.

3.Hair color

Schools in Tokyo prohibit students from dyeing their hair. 57% of public schools in the capital require students to show that their hair is a natural color. To prevent students from lying down, teachers may need to call home to ask parents for pictures of their children.

This is explained by the homogeneous culture. Due to the emphasis on uniformity, slight differences from the standard are noticeable and criticized.