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Lawn and Organic Foods

Lawn and Organic Foods

After several decades of building Suburbia. With the strip malls, office parks and cul-de-sacs swallowing up prime farm land across the nation. America has come to resemble a vast, sea of grassy green lawns being used for mainly for lawnmowers, swing-sets, and the occasional flower bed. Now before we trounce this misallocation of resource, we should instead be grateful for the fact we have lawns and that the grass does, indeed, grow green.

Recently there have been a number of organic foods producers sprouting up, who have found a way to take advantage of these idle lawnscapes. There is a new movement beginning to take root across the Country that aims to return us to the era of the wartime “victory garden,” sort of…

Young, would be farmers and growers, who have been frustrated with economics of land prices near population centers being priced for more building lots instead of food production, have taken to a new strategy. Instead of trying to buy land, they are offering to use that strip of sunny soil you already have running through backyard, and they’re turning it to a vegetable growing paradise.

The American homeowner is seeing advantages everywhere. After decades of increasing obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer; we’re finally becoming more acutely aware of the role nutrition plays in health and disease. Plus, anybody who has been buying food over the past 5 years has seen the prices spike dramatically along with the price of oil. Since food prices mirror oil prices, most people are planning for long-term increases in food costs.

So with homeowners looking favorably at the prospect of owning there own food producing garden, and the better health that comes from an improved diet. Along with organic foods producers looking excitedly at the prospect of good consistent work, and a growing market. Just about anyone who has reviewed the idea considers it a good one.

This idea of the Backyard Organic Foods Grower appears to have originated in Portland, OR. Has already taken off in San Francisco, and is getting rooted in other markets as well. Philidelphia, Portland, D.C., Minneapolis, Boston, and New York all have a growing number of these scattered lot farmers advertising their services.

These aren’t your typical landscape firms that fertilize your lawn and come by weekly to mow it. Instead these are an eclectic mix of gardeners. Many of whom, pedal a bike that pulls a cart. They advertise that they will build you a vegetable garden. Some even claim to be able to build a four season garden that will produce organic foods year round.

Though all the different planters seem to have a slightly different approach. What is the same, is they build the garden, plant the crops and come by weekly to maintain it, leaving you with a box of farm fresh delights, as locally as you could possibly get them.

Since our current food system is responsible for about 20% of US greenhouse gas emissions, combined with the fact that the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) could use some improving. If you have a backyard and get sunshine. You might consider checking in with your local backyard harvester.